EV-C@p Italy-Korea High relevance project - 1st year

EV-C@p is a High relevance “Agrofood for biotech e biopharmaceuticals” project supported in part by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation”, grant number KR23GR03. Objectives of EV-C@p are trifold: 

  • scientifically relevant results as foreseen in the proposal 
  • contribute to the development of the international cooperation between South Korea and Italy
  • Train young researchers  

The scientific objectives of EV-C@p are centered on the development of new systems for molecular delivery by exploiting plant derived extracellular vesicles and nanovesicles for molecular encapsulation. Within this project researchers from IBBR-CNR and the Korean Kyung Hee university will setup methodology to produce EVs from tomatoes and korean red ginseng and their cell suspension cultures. 

Where we are


EVs & MS laboratory

Institute of Biosciences and BioResources

National Research Council

via P. Castellino, 111

80131, Napoli


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