9th European Biotech Week

9th European Biotech Week


9th European Biotech Week EVs and MS lab has participated at the  9th European Biotech Week  held from 27 September- 03 October 2021. We had contributed our small part in telling the story of European Biotechnology. On September 30th, 2021 the EVs and MS laboratory participated for the third time at the European Biotech Week. The European Biotech Week comprises a series of events to talk about biotechnology and celebrate the key role that biotech has in improving the quality of our lives. The event pose an opportunity for students and teachers to meet face to face with CNR researchers from different fields, however, due to the current restrictions the presentation was done in an online. For this year event, several researchers of the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources (IBBR) of Naples, created a series of webinars under the title “School meets Biotechnologies: Biodiversity at the service of man and environment”  at aiming to reach junior high school students from different educational institutions from the city of Naples and beyond. Among the subjects exposed, were the extremophilic microorganism, the use of C. elegans as a model of research, extracellular vesicles and its applications.   From the EVs and MS laboratory Dr. Gabriella Pocsfalvi gave a brief introduction about extracellular vesicles, and the possibilities that EVs represent for the advancement in agriculture, pharmaceutical, food industry, and medicine. She showcased  Ves4US project where researchers from different European countries are working for the production of EVs from algae. Dr. Mannea Moubarak from Damanhur University, Egypt (now post doc at EVs-MS lab) presented his work on the "Production of extracellular vesicles from green resources” where he showed how he has been working for the past months to obtain extracellular vesicles from cell suspension culture from different plant cells. His research is funded by  the  greenEV  MSCA action project.     The European Biotech Week is an opportunity for scientists to share their work and bring research to school, it is important for all members of society to understand the impact that research has on everyday life and how we are working on improving the quality of life using biotech, we hope that these talks sparked curiosity for the new generations to continue the research in biotechnology.

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