Biogenic Organotropic Wetsuits


Acronym: BOW 

The main goal of the EU-funded BOW Future Emerging Technology (FET) project is to explore and develop the technology capable of lending the biological surface precision, circulation, and targeting abilities of EVs to superparamagnetic nanodevices by coating them with a single- or multi-layer EV membrane. This technology aims to advance implantable nanodevices and nanomaterials towards sustainable production and clinical translation, proving the possibility of recapitulating biomimetic functions on any synthetic nanodevice. 

At EVs & MS is a part of the CNR partner organization in BOW. We will collaborate on the identification of membrane proteins of EVs isolated from the two resource understudies. We will define the EV-membranomes and link their biological roles with their structures using our bioinformatics platform. 



BOW brings together a consortium of 11 partner organizations from 7 European countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Estonia, and the Czech Republic) 

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This project has received funding from the FET Proactive programme under grant agreement Nº 952183 



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